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Powder coating (Epoxy Coating) gives the 
ultimate  decoration  and out performs
 other coatings especially in terms of extended 
 environment friendliness . (
in coastal areas hot dip -
 galvanizing is recommended

Solomon coatings (Pty) ltd can powder coat on all steel , 
wire and alluminiun products
eg: Wire fabricated articles,
wire baskets , Outdoor furniture , car parts and rims.
We are experts in refurbishing supermarket racking,
supermarket shelves dismantling and
assembling of all rows
Fencing and burglar bars ,
 Conference chairs and tables & Scafff folding are also items we coat. 

We also do Abrasive blasting/
 Shotblasting/Sand blasting, which is the cleaning of
rust,paint and/or scale on galvinsing ,steel 
new or 2nd hand structures to make it look 
brand new (
which can either be coated 
or painted after blasting
. )

in addition to powder coating and blasting we  spray paint 
and we only use the best of quality primers and topcoats to protect 
your work.
Services :
Powder Coating
Shot/sand blasting
Industrial Wet Spray
Chemical Pretreatement 
Supermarket racking
 :Disassemble and assemble     
of rows 
Delivery and Pickup